No Longer the Hero - Mirrors (FREEM7XXX) feat Bru…:

Remember released alot of Bizzy Bone’s, Mya, Pastor Troy, Mobb Deep and Bone Brothers album…welp they are helping REB7RTH release “Novum Genesis EP” which just dropped today!!! Toast!

When Michael sent me the demo for “On My Way”, I knew immediately, something was special about that record. I laid a hook down almost as soon as I got it. Ever had an instrumental speak to you and tell you what to write? Well that’s what happened and I was inspired by the animation that’s in the video. Love isn’t over til life is over. Real spit. Reflection time ya know? Well away, over a quarter million views, featured on several radio stations and even the producer, (Clever Beats) sought us out and followed us on Twitter. Grab a box of Kleenex and go watch “On My Way”!!! - Whodini Blak (the black guy in an experimental rock duo with a white guy…)

No Longer the Hero - On My Way (Animation):

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